Microsoft formally introduces Windows Server 2022

Windows Server

Hello there! Windows Server 2022 is the latest iteration of Microsoft’s server OS. And it has been generally available for about a week now when Redmond quietly released this new version.

Fast forward to now, and the firm has formally introduced it.

This new version is special in that it marks the end of the Semi-Annual Channel releases for Windows Server, with Redmond now committed to releasing new Long-Term Servicing Channel (LTSC) releases every two or three years.

As the latest LTSC release, Windows Server will get five years of mainstream support plus five additional years of extended support that will see it get updated through to October 14, 2031.

And as for the flavors available, Windows Server comes in Standard, Datacenter, and Datacenter: Azure Edition, and the operating system itself brings new security and management capabilities, as well as hybrid integration with the Azure cloud platform.

You can read the post above for a full breakdown of the enhancements and features that this release brings.

At the forefront is advanced multilayered security and connectivity via the Secured-core server. It also enables IT teams to utilize security measures applied by Microsoft hardware partners across a variety of hardware, firmware, and virtualization layers.

The second advantage touted by Windows Server 2022 is the ability to connect the on-premises SKU with Azure using Azure Arc.

In addition, Windows Server is also more at ease with demanding applications. Scalability enhancements allow it to support up to 48TB of memory, and 2048 logical cores running on 64 physical sockets for best-in-class performance.

You can check out the pricing details of Windows Server 2022 here.