Microsoft has compiled 1,000 Edge builds

Edge Extensions

This calls for a celebration! It seems only yesterday when Microsoft switched the underlying engine in its Edge web browser to the same one that powers Google Chrome.

Since then, the program has gone from strength to strength, picking up several unique features along the way that not only separate it from the competition, but also make it one of the most performant browsers around.

And to show just how much work has gone behind the scenes, Microsoft shared a landmark moment for Edge by confirming that a total of 1,000 builds have been compiled since the initial announcement of the engine switch to Chromium.

These builds have gone through both the Edge Dev and Canary channels:

Congratulations are in order!

To mark the occasion, the company also pushed out the weekly Edge Dev build in the preview program, that being the clean version 95.0.1000.0. Since this is one of the first Edge 95 builds, there is nothing major in this release.

Save for a couple of fixes here, and resolution of some crashes there.

Speaking of resolution, though, a number of known issues from the past months still persist.

Even though we just hit this impressive milestone, problems with Kaspersky Internet Suit, and like issues with ad-blocking extensions on YouTube, tabs and extensions crashing, duplicate favorites, wobbly scrolling, and more are yet to be taken care of.

How about a little action here too, eh, Microsoft?