Microsoft shows off the new Windows 11 Photos app

Photos App Tease

It’s time to shine! Microsoft is showing off the new Photos app that will arrive as part of Windows 11, though whether it makes it in time for release of the new OS remains to be seen.

But we do know that the application is headed to the Windows Insider Program for testing soon.

Our introduction to this highly used app is date last month, when the redesigned software was spotted in what was promotional material that Microsoft was working on. A few simple images provided us with our first look at what Redmond was cooking.

And now, our very own Panos Panay has not only teased the app, but also confirmed that Insiders are about to get their hands on it.

While the short clip does not go too deep into the features of the new Photos app, it emphasizes one area with the saying “Relive your memories in a new way”. What exactly is this new way, remains a mystery for now.

But we do have the signature rounded corners made famous by Windows 11, as well as a redesign of the user interface on the cards.

What the world would like to find out is whether Microsoft is introducing any new media editing features as part of the package or not. There is no denying that the two main areas that the current Photos app in Windows 10 lacks in are performance and feature set.

Given that a new Insider preview build is expected later this week, and this tease went live today, we probably will get our hands on the new Photos app in just a few days now.