Microsoft Teams will be directly integrated in Windows 11

Windows 11 Teams

Redmond unveiled Windows 11 yesterday, promising a metric ton of new features and enhancements to go with what could potentially be a complete visual overhaul of the operating system.

Along with that, the company also announced a few other overhauls — more specifically to the communication solutions that are available on the new OS. As you may imagine, there is a new kid on the block, and the Windows maker is giving it the spotlight.

Microsoft Teams has seen unprecedented growth over the past year or so.

And it stands to reason that the company wants to keep a good thing going. It has announced that the Teams platform will be directly integrated into the taskbar of the new operating system.

Microsoft Teams Windows 11

As Wangui McKelvey, General Manager, Microsoft 365 put it:

“Meetings are how many of us get work done, and we all have stories about talking on mute or needing to be sure everyone can see the presentation you’re sharing. To help, we have also created deeper integration with collaboration and communication apps like Microsoft Teams to make it easier to mute or unmute your mic or share your desktop or even a single application during a meeting directly from the desktop taskbar.”

This built-in Teams experience in Windows 11 will be powered by the personal version of the app that will make it easier for users to connect with friends, family, and colleagues.

Users will be able to start a chat or video calls directly from the taskbar, and they will have the ability to reach out to anyone globally on all platforms and devices. They will also be able to quickly send messages, documents, images, and more.

The new Microsoft Teams integration in Windows 11 have the chat app pinned to the taskbar by default. It will also replace the built-in Skype experience in the operating system.

Should definitely help the chat platform become even more popular than it already is, this.