.NET 6 almost ready for showtime


Things move fast in the world of programming. While its predecessor barely had its time in the sun after being released in late 2020, .NET 6 is already on the horizon, getting ready for the show.

Zooming at the speed of light, this new framework is headed into its second to last preview release.

Microsoft has detailed the proceedings in a blog post announcing .NET 6 Preview 6, going over the many improvements and features that this new release brings. Redmond may be going a tad too fast here, but that is no issue when this new version is packed to the brim with new options.

Starting with the fact that x64 emulation is coming along nicely.

Support for Apple Silicon and ARM64 is present however, though as Microsoft outlines not quite there yet before it can be given the greenlight for general availability.

The Surface X Pro may not have been as big a hit as some might have hoped for, and most it came down to the development experience on the ARM platform. With the software titan still putting its weight behind making Windows on ARM a success, these emulation capabilities are the need of the hour.

Also in tow, is Crossgen2, which dramatically improves start up time for applications via ahead-of-time compilation of code.

The software titan has also added in optional workload improvements for the .NET SDK that enable better discovery and management.

There are a bunch of other features in this release, which you will be better served by take a look at the official blog post linked above.

And if you are a developer, make sure you are running the latest version of Visual Studio 2022 preview as well as the .NET 6 Preview 6 for the best results.