New animations make browsing the Microsoft Store a breeze

Microsoft Store

Life’s better when it’s animated! Redmond seems to be in on this philosophy, because the company is touching up the Microsoft Store right now with some snazzy new animations.

The software titan highlighted these with the release of build 22000.100.

This particular version of the Insider preview introduced a few delightful new animations when browsing pages on the Microsoft Store. These go nicely with the rest of the UI improvements that are coming to the refreshed apps repository.

The big idea here is updating not just the layout of the app, but make streamlining the navigation experience in order to make items easier to find.

Nothing better illustrates this than a GIF, so observe:

Nothing better than perhaps a video, so here you go with a short clip showing it action:

Faster and more delightful navigation is a subtle enough change, but one that is never not appreciated. These animations add to the overall cozy experience of navigation the Microsoft Store when scouting for something to watch or something to play.

This new version of the Microsoft Store is slowly rolling out, so may not be available for your right away.

But you will get the update soon enough.