New Edge Dev build gets the ability to change icons for PWAs

Edge Dev Channel

Microsoft has released a new Edge Dev build, in the form of version 93.0.957.0. The regularly scheduled update for Insiders this week brings with it the usual in bug fixes and improvements.

But towed alongside these changes are small new additions.

The most prominent new addition is that Edge now has the ability to change the icons for PWAs, you know, those progressive web apps that are slowly become all the rage. The browser can now change the icons for these applications and websites that are installed as apps.

Also new, are some management policies for when OneAuth Authentication is enforced, as well as a policy to control printing a webpage layout, giving or taking away feature flag overrides.

On Mac, there is a management policy to control if MAU is enabled.

You can take a look at the full changelog here, which lists a whole bunch of reliability enhancements and changed behaviors.

This long list contains things like fixing a crash when typing into the address bar, fixing a crash when closing a window, or when spellcheck is enabled. Microsoft also took care of a crash on startup when certain extensions are installed.

There’s a lot to unpack there, and so give it a scan if you plan on deploying this build.

Despite all these changes, there still are persisting known issues, many of which carry on over from previous releases. Extensions on Linux do no work, adblocking extensions cause playback errors, favorites might be duplicated, and wobbly scrolling may be experienced.

Long road ahead.