New Edge Dev build improves the Sleeping Tabs feature


Yawn! Makes me sleepy just writing about it! Microsoft has pushed out a new Edge Dev channel release for this week, which comes in the form of build 94.0.975.1.

And it introduces some improvements to the Sleeping Tabs feature in the web browser.

This feature, as the name suggests, is an option that puts tabs to sleep after less than a minute of inactivity. Pretty handy for those of you who are running the browser on devices with limited amounts of RAM, as this option helps save memory.

The software titan has now added the ability to see how much resource savings Sleeping Tabs provide on the tab preview hover popup.

So that’s been improved.

Alongside, the company has added support for using PNG images as custom icons of PWAs, and enabled by default the improved installation dialog for PWAs and websites as apps. Also enabled by default is the ability to print to PDF in landscape layout.

Next up are management policies to control if the Password Generator is enabled, as well as the Primary Password Setting on Mac, among other such welcome additions.

Web Capture on Linux has also been reenabled.

Like always, this new build also comes bearing a range of reliability fixes and changed behaviors that cover all kinds of crashes and bugs that Microsoft has come in knowledge of. This list is quite short this week, and interestingly, many of these are unique to Macs.

You can glean the details at the link above.

And if you are an Edge Insider, you can download this new build on your system, take it for a test run, and then submit your feedback on this release to Microsoft to make the web browser better for everyone.

It’s pretty much your civic duty!