New OneDrive client for Windows 11 has leaked out


Microsoft has been hard at work on a new OneDrive client for Windows 11 that is apparently being built from scratch. And this most significant update for the app seems to have been accidentally leaked by the company.

It looks like Redmond is in the process of dogfooding the new application internally with Microsoft employees, before it officially unleashes it for Insiders.

Windows Insider MVP Florian B was the first to showcase the setting section of the new app, revealing how the have been completely redone in this version.

Sleek and modern, just the way I like it!

This internal version is actually available for download, which you can do so at your own risk. It works, but you will run into some issues like crashes and text being misaligned. Such is the deal for the more adventurous among you.

Starting it, you will see that the app now lines up with the look of Windows 11.

Elements like a cleaner sidebar for notifications, Mica effect, as well as rounded corners are the main highlight. In other words, the settings section of OneDrive is now heavily inspired by the design elements of the operating system and looks very modernistic.

Basing the design of the official OneDrive client on WinUI principles was the most logical thing Microsoft could have done, and it seems to have come together very nicely.


While new design and navigation experience is the primary highlight of the app, there seems to be no new features as of right now. But that’s okay, as all existing options appear to be still accessible. Things like ability to personalize sync settings, notifications, adding another account, managing storage.

Overall, an excellent new addition to the platform, as Microsoft continues to work on the OneDrive integration for Windows 11.

Give the app a try, if you dare.

Just be sure that you install this early version on a test system, preferably one that is enrolled in the Dev channel of the Windows Insider Program.