New UI for Windows 11 shutdown dialog, recovery environment?

Windows 11 Recovery Environment

There has been a lot of talk about the focus on the Windows 11 UI, and how Microsoft plans to overhaul almost all of the user interface of the operating system. Eventually, at least.

Another step in this regard has been taken with the recently released build 25115, which as you may be aware is part of the Sun Valley 3 release. But while things may be in the very beginning phase of this version of the OS destined to arrive next year, there are some very notable changes.

Or, rather, very notable experiments.

The software titan is now apparently exploring a slightly updated interface for the famous Alt + F4 dialog that ditches the traditional Windows logo for a much cleaner look reminiscent of the Windows 95 era.


Shutdown Dialog

Shutdown Dialog

The current interface of the shutdown dialog is identical to the one we have on Windows 10, though it has been perked up with the new Windows 11 logo and rounded edges. However, it does not support the modern WinUI design that is all the rage over at Redmond these days.

With these revisions, the company seems to be preparing to add more of these WinUI elements like Mica into the mix.

And while these changes are not necessarily huge, they do set the stage for future improvements. Not to mention that they are necessary for design consistency across the operating system.

Speaking of design consistency, Microsoft also seems to be testing WinUI and Fluent Design icons for WinRE, the Windows Recovery Environment.



This is something most end users are not familiar with, not unless their device runs into a problem and they get down to troubleshooting it. But the WinRE interface has roots in the Windows 8 era, and it makes perfect sense to try and update it in order to bring this side of the OS to modern times.

Long story short, Microsoft finally seems to be paying attention to the long-standing legacy portions of its operating system. And while these changes may just be the start for Windows 11 Sun Valley 3, they may be a harbinger of a more consistent UI across the OS.

Who wouldn’t want that?