No updates for unsupported devices that run Windows 11


Risky business! Microsoft recently drew battle lines when it reiterated its decision to only allow modern hardware to run Windows 11. And with nary a doubt, hue and cry from the community ensued.

We soon learned that the company is leaving open a loophole that will allow tech enthusiasts to manually deploy the OS by downloading the official ISO image. What we did not learn right away was what would happen to these machines.

What exactly does it mean for them to be unsupported?

Well, now we know.

As reported by PCWorld, Microsoft has provided specifics of what happens when an unsupported machine makes the jump to Windows 11.

And it’s not pretty, that’s for sure!

The company says that putting Windows 11 on unsupported hardware should only be a temporary measure, because said devices will not be guaranteed Windows updates. As in, the firm will not provide security and drive updates to these PCs — something which we all take for granted.

So, it seems that there will be consequences for dragging the OS to a device that is not natively built for Windows 11 in mind.

The unsupported nature of these installations leaves these computers to risks. The lack of feature updates is a loss in of itself, but things can definitely get messy when it comes to security of these machines.

This will likely not stop users from deploying Windows 11 on PCs that can run it. But the bigger question remains if Microsoft will have a change of heart, or will the company stick to its guns as it has up until now?

Time will tell, as it always does.