People mad that Windows 11 is not getting 3D emojis

Emoji Outrage

Time to riot! The latest own goal from Microsoft comes from where you might least expect it. That’s because folks are emotional that Windows 11 is not getting the 3D emojis that were promised and heavily promoted.

The story goes that the new OS will use emojis that use a flat 2D design, which clearly do not look as detailed or as flashy as the 3D ones. They are more readable due to the lack of gradients, however, which is probably why Redmond opted to go with them in Windows 11.

They debuted in build 22478 that went live yesterday, and the image below shows how they look:

Build 22478 Emoji Panel

But the problem is that the software titan has been heavily promoting the 3D designs in communication, and marketing material. And as the image below shows, the difference between the two styles is stark:

New Emojis Faces

Soon after the arrival of this build, people starting asking the company about the original 3D designs that were promised to be coming to all Microsoft products and services. That is not going to be the case, as the software titan confirmed.

Users did not take too kindly to the 3D emojis not coming to the emoji panel in Windows 11, and some even went as far as to grill the company about the marketing for the new OS being a scam.

Or, you know, false advertising at a minimum.

Brandon LeBlanc, Senior Program Manager of the Windows Insider Program did not help matters by downplaying the issue and declining to share more details other than saying that this was a mistake and a case of using the wrong graphics.

Remains to be seen if some other software like Skype, Teams, Yammer, or Outlook will get these shiny new 3D designs, or whether the company will stick to 2D for the sake of improved readability.

Because, as you may recall, the Microsoft Design team promised back in July that these software and services will be getting in on this new style alongside Windows. No talk about the simpler line designs.

Baffling that after all this time we still have this level of miscommunication from Microsoft, when it was made explicitly clear that the design team had opted for 3D designs over 2D.


At least, the 2D design still has Clippy!