Precision touchpads a must on Windows 11 laptops

Precision Touchpad

Walking the walk! The introduction of Windows 11 has brought with it stricter system requirements, most of them focused mobile hardware like laptops and tablets.

Sure, there is still the curious little case of TPM 2.0 left to be resolved.

But it certainly seems like Microsoft has issued a red line on certain performance and security experiences for the new OS. Experiences that necessitate the need of better and improved hardware, like webcams for instance.

This red line extends to Precision touchpads, as well.

The software titan introduced drivers for these enhanced touchpads back in 2013, alongside its first computer, now the legendary Surface Pro. Unfortunately, most manufacturers have been resistant in adopting the company’s preferred touchpad experience.

Almost all makers deferred to the industry adopted Synaptics experience.

Microsoft has built its Precision technology to include more than just the standard one-finger 6-way touch input into Windows, and it only makes sense to have the latest version of the operating system offer this smoother, and more responsive multi-gesture support as baseline.

Sadly, many a manufacturer are still reluctant to make this the new normal, despite the evident advantages this technology brings.

HP, in particular, is among the last holdouts for the older experience, even as it is more of a driver support issue on its machines than actual hardware. That be the case, it could be possible that some older HP devices might get a ticket to upgrade to Windows 11 when the time comes.

That is, if the company baked in support for the drivers.

But this much is certain. That based on the new and varied system requirements that Windows 11 brings, OEMs will need to work together this fall to figure out support for the upgrade.

It was about time Microsoft took a stand.

Any thoughts here?