Qualcomm and Microsoft exclusivity deal about to expire


If you ever wondered why no other chipset manufacturer aside from Qualcomm was able to launch a chipset natively compatible for Windows on ARM, this little piece of nugget may have the answer.

Even the Samsung Galaxy Book Series that ran this alternate version of Windows was using Snapdragon processors.

Apparently, an exclusivity deal was in place between Microsoft and Qualcomm. Apparently, it came into effect when Windows on ARM was initially announced by Microsoft back in 2016.

And this should come as no surprise considering the strong relationship between the two companies, going so far back as to the days of the Windows Phone, where, again, Qualcomm chips were used exclusively.

However, this scenario might be about to change, as this exclusivity agreement between the two tech giants may soon be about to expire.

As reported, the exclusivity deal is coming to and end. And other chip makers are circling.

An early contender has emerged in the form of MediaTek, which has signaled its intention to develop processors compatible with the Windows on ARM operating platform. Other, smaller, chip makers might also join in.

While the exclusivity deal is set to expire soon, no specific date has been given.

However, once it does, the Apple Silicon based Macs might finally receive native support for the Windows on ARM platform. And this is a possibility that the community has been looking forward to ever since the fruity company unleashed its own processors.