Specs for first Intel 10nm desktop CPUs have leaked

Intel Core

Just like that, the news of Windows 11 put the emphasis back on CPUs. The strict system requirements of the new operating system means that many an Intel and AMD processors are about to miss out.

Even some chips that are just four years old.

However, we have the future to look forward to. And in the immediate future we have Intel getting ready to launch its first desktop 10nm chips. This manufacturing process has already made its debut on laptop processors, but only in the most limited of capacities.

This time around, we are nearing the launch of CPUs like the Core i9-12900K, Core i7-12700K, and Core i5-12600K that fall under the Alder Lake-S banner.

And as luck would have it, specifications for these chips have just leaked out.

Intel Alder Lake Leak

The flagship of the series, Core i9-12900K is set to feature 8 big cores and 8 small cores. So, a 16-core processor, but not all of these cores will operate at the same frequency. Furthermore, only the big cores will support Hyper-Threading, which is why the processor is only listed as supporting 24-threads.

In any case, Windows 11 is set to offer support for this new type of architecture that Intel and AMD are pursuing on the desktop front.

Big.LITTLE as it is known, has made a name for itself on mobile. And now this type of hybrid processor architecture is about to make its way to the desktop and laptop market.

There is bound to be a significant number of new Windows 11 hardware that will make use of these upcoming CPUs, and a fair amount of interest from buyers as well who want the best of the best when it comes to their computing experience.

The bigger question is what kind of performance improvements does Microsoft pack into its new OS for this hybrid new world.