Surface Book to be replaced with a Pro device?

Surface Book

Whoa! An interesting little rumor has, well, surfaced, claiming that Microsoft is on the verge of replacing the Surface Book with an entirely new device that will launch this fall.

Not many would have seen this pivot coming, not when there is talk that this will be a Pro variant.

Remember Surface Pro, anyone?

The news arrives via a fairly reliable source, which hints that Microsoft is gearing up to release a laptop with a non-detachable display in the coming months. There isn’t much more to this story right now, definitely no details on the hardware specifications and price points the company is aiming for.

But this innovative design is said to be based on a recent patent that Redmond received, which highlighted a swiveling screen mounted on a two-point hinge with stabilizing and friction assembly akin to the Sony VAIO Duo.

Or, even the iPad Pro Magic Keyboard attachment.

Surface Book Patent

This design would allow Microsoft to beef up the processor and graphics card in this device, without the need to engineer the specs around the detaching fulcrum hinge of the previous Surface Book designs.

A drastic change like this apparently warrants entirely replacing this line of devices.

Other rumors hint at the company nestling a 14-inch screen to fit in between the current 13.5-inch and 15-inch options that are available for the Surface Book. Additionally, Redmond might also be able to offer a larger trackpad, and include RTX graphics with possibly high refresh rate panels.

Going all out, in other words.

And to cap it off, the Surface Pen may also be due an upgrade, likely to include haptic feedback to support Windows 11 and its new features, as the software titan previously discussed at its Windows event this past summer.

With no project name to lean on, the report simply calls this the Surface Book 4 for now, but there is a belief that this device could retail with a Pro or Studio moniker this fall.