Surface Duo 2 likely to launch with a new launcher

Surface Duo Launcher

Enter Microsoft Launcher Mark II. Surface Duo 2 rumors have been picking pace lately, with the second-generation Android phone starting to take shape behind Redmond walls.

Speaking of shapes, the overall look and feel of the device will not be too different — evolution, not a revolution. We have been getting nuggets of information via leaks and renders that detail what this new handset might bring.

And for the most part, nothing radical is planned.

However, the launcher is one area that will get a lot of love from Microsoft.

The company is apparently working on a big update for Microsoft Launcher that will debut alongside the Surface Duo 2, as per a recent report.

Redmond ha something big planned for this, though clearly the company is not ready to share anything right now on the launcher front. This, according to Vishnu Nath, Partner Director of Mobile at Microsoft, who has confirmed that even bigger improvements are on their way:

Good stuff.

Surface Duo is still running Android 10 and an outdated version of the Microsoft Launcher, which does not even have the features available on traditional Android smartphones. It does have deep integration with Microsoft services though, which is a definite strength.

One that the company is sure to concentrate on with the next iteration of the launcher.

Naturally, the first-generation Surface Duo will also receive the same launcher update once it is ready, alongside Android 11. This new version of the mobile OS was planned to go live earlier this year, but with the Surface Duo 2 in the picture, the release target has clearly been changed.

We should have a concrete timeline during the rumored October 2021 event for the Surface Duo 2.