Surface Go 4 might be powered by an ARM chip

Surface Go 3

Another milestone in the Windows on ARM platform going mainstream? Time will tell, as it always does. But so far it looks like Microsoft is finally on the right path as far as its ARM ambitions are concerned.

The alternate PC platform just got a nice little refresh.

And there is now speculation that bigger things may be ahead for it.

It is being reported that Redmond is internally considering using an ARM chip in the next Surface Go. This has not been 100% confirmed as of yet, with the company still deciding. But it is a discussion that the technology titan is currently having.

If this does transpire, then we can expect some subtle changes in the Surface space, nothing major.

For starters, Microsoft might go with the Qualcomm 7c chip for the Go, since the flagship 8cx is usually only found in premium devices. And the Surface Go is definitely not one. So, in this sense, the switch might be quick and easy for the company.

Of course, an Intel option will continue to be available, particularly for business users of the device.

But on the whole, a move like this could make sense for Microsoft. The company is currently in the process of providing a heavy push to its Windows on ARM platform. This not only includes hardware options, but a variety of apps like Edge, Teams, and Visual Studio that have been optimized for it.

You also have the big one, Office.

Even third-party app developers are now finally jumping in, with Spotify leading the charge.

Guess at this point in time, we’ll just have to wait and see what Microsoft opts for.

In the time being, there already are plenty of Windows on ARM devices to tickle your fancy if you want to give the platform a try. These include machine like the Surface Pro X, the Galaxy Book Go, and even the new ThinkPad X13s.

Whether the Surface Go 4 joins this team will be evident soon.