This Windows 11 Taskbar concept may be too much

Windows 11 Taskbar Concept

Few could have imagined Windows 11 would come with such drastic changes, but the upcoming OS is all about UI changes that take the platform out of its comfort zone.

The Microsoft of yesteryear rarely changed things up to this extent — particularly when it came to the user interface and defining features like the Start Menu and Taskbar. Those kinds of trickeries were left to third-party customization programs.

However, in Windows 11 the Taskbar is evolving alongside the Start Menu.

Redmond has moved both of them to the center of the screen, with icons resonant with the macOS feel. All this has been done to boost productivity in the upcoming operating system, as Microsoft says that this change is intentional in order to put you in control and bring a sense of calm and ease.

If calm and ease is not your cup of tea, then you might want to take a look this concept created by Ehsan Vaeghi that redefines the Taskbar with a new and more modern approach.

See for yourself:

The floating Taskbar has been divided into multiple parts, and the System Tray itself has space for its own. The Start Menu is also in another pane that is aligned to the left of the screen. The clean styling ensures that this is about as modern a look as you can get these days.

And while some may say that the space between the icons and separators is a bit too big, but overall, this is a design that is both stylish and workable.

In fact, something like this makes much more sense on touch devices like tablets and 2-in-1 machines that could use a little separation of each individual element.

Hard to see Microsoft going in with such dramatic a change, even with its recent tendency of going for some bold changes regarding the UI.

But this is a uniquely neat design, all things considered.

What do you think?