Users demand more Taskbar options in Windows 11


Public demand! The Taskbar in Windows 11 has quickly become a point of contention in the user base, with battle lines being drawn around the functionality of this element in the OS.

Part of the newly reimagined desktop, the Taskbar now aligns the Start Menu and all the icons to the center of the screen. This is part of a push that was started with Windows 10X, but remains a redesign that some still find a little confusing.

Since this approach uses new code, this has meant that, among other things, Microsoft also removed the option to move the Taskbar to the top of the screen or to the sides in Windows 11.

And as far as users are concerned, this is not the right way to go. Hundreds of them have made their opinion known in the Feedback Hub, with a post calling Redmond to add this functionality back in the operating system.

The explanation being that this substantially affects the way they work on their computers:

“It makes absolutely no sense to remove this feature – that has been present in Windows since I can remember. As a person passionate about his left-sided taskbar, the lack of location setting makes Windows 11 a no-go option for me.”

As far as Microsoft is concerned, this new approach is the way to go — it boosts productivity and makes it easier to quickly find what you need.

Given the fact that Windows 11 is projected to land later this year, it remains to be seen what steps the software titan has planned. Whether it takes this feedback into account and makes the necessary changes, or whether it sticks to how things currently are.

The voices will continue to range until then!