Users want to move Windows 11 Taskbar to the top of the screen

Windows 11 Taskbar

Public demand. Windows 11 comes with a whole new philosophy inspired by macOS, that of increasing productivity by moving all icons to the center of the screen.

At least, that’s what Microsoft thinks happens.

And while many believe that the Taskbar is now less of a taskbar and more of a dock, there are some that want freedom to customize this feature. Redmond has baked in options to prevent users from changing this feature freeform like back in the old days.

That is to say, the Taskbar can no longer be moved to the top of the screen.

And even though this is something that would make the OS feel even more like its rival, macOS, there are plenty of folks who are in on the idea.

This suggestion recently posted in the Feedback Hub continues to gain traction, with more and more votes pouring in for the ability for users to be able to move the Taskbar to the top of the screen and in the process, dramatically change the Windows 11 experience.

For its part, Microsoft has only promised to keep an eye on the feedback that it has received, though there is no confirmation yet that the company is actively developing this ability.