Walmart lets loose Windows 11 release date

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We are not far off from the public launch of Windows 11, even as details of a firm release date are thin. We may not have concrete evidence, though there are teasers littered here and there.

Teasers straight from Microsoft that paint a picture that the new OS will see daylight in October.

And in this case, even from a partner like Walmart.

A new Walmart retail listing suggests that Windows 11 will indeed be released in October 2021. The leak does not give too much away in terms of granular details, other than referencing that a free upgrade to Windows is coming, and its timeline is sometime in October.

See for yourself:

Walmart Windows 11 Release Date

The company says that October is the month when Windows 11 could go live for the first devices, though no confirmation has been provided. But given the fact that there is a link for the official website, this is another hint that we could see a proper release announcement sooner than expected.

The timing, obviously, makes sense.

Microsoft typically ships new Windows feature updates in October or November. It is also the time of the year when the company unleashes new hardware typically from its Surface lineup to make the most out of the holiday shopping season.

As things stand, we can safely pencil in October as the release date for Windows 11, even as the rollout to eligible users will only begin sometimes early next year.