Want some Windows 11 ice cream?

Windows 11 Ice Cream

Remember the good old days of the 90s? Launch of new versions of Windows sure were some euphoric events. Things toned down from the highs of Windows 95 since then, even as Windows 8 was a grand affair too.

The launch party for Windows 11 may not be as electrifying as versions prior, but the celebrations are real.

And nothing could be more real than a little Windows 11 ice cream, limited edition, of course.

Invented in collaboration with Mikey Likes It, this special treat is offered for free at certain locations in East Village and Harlem. Great for lucky fans living in the United States around this area, not so much for fans in the rest of the globe unfortunately.

The ice cream is called Bloomberry, and combines blueberry ice cream with blueberry pie filling, pound cake, and candy chocolate pieces.


Even Panos Panay teased the treat himself, retweeting and celebrating this special delicacy that has been introduced alongside the launch of the new operating system that is now finally available after a relatively short development period.

No other big celebrations like this as of yet, as it is business as usual in the world of Windows.

But the creation of this sweetened treat is delicious way for Windows fans and enthusiasts to celebrate what is one of the biggest launches in technology this year, while tantalizing their taste buds with an exotic new flavor.

As long as they are in the neighborhood.