Windows 11 and Edge get tons of new gaming features

Windows 11 Edge Gaming Features

Gaming is finally a first-class citizen for Microsoft! The company has announced a slew of new gaming features that it is working on for Windows 11 and Edge, with the mix including something for everyone.

Mostly these are centered around optimizations for the OS, and integrations for the browser.

Details here.

But for Windows 11, we have four things to look forward to that Redmond has been testing with Insiders for a while now.


First up, we have optimizations for windowed games that are designed to improve latency and unlock enhancements like AutoHDR and Variable Refresh Rates.

There is also a new HDR Calibration app that enables players to improve the color accuracy and consistency of their high dynamic range displays. The application has already made an appearance, and has been in testing since February.

Xbox Controller Bar

We also have the Controller bar that makes access to commonly opened games a breeze. And finally, there is a new Game Pass Widget to round out the list, which has been created to help players browser and find games easily, straight from a commonly access place in the operating system.

Over on Edge, Microsoft also has four features that it talks about.

The software titan says that these new options are designed to bring gaming to everyone. Some of these additions have been sighted in the Canary and Dev builds of the web browser. But the full list consists of a new gaming home page, clarity boost in Edge, a games menu, as well as an efficiency mode.

Edge Games Menu

Starting with the personalized home page, it will have things like gaming news, guides, live streams, highlights, tournaments, along with the Xbox Cloud Gaming library. This ties in with a games menu that will offer access to free games and also help you find new titles.

Edge Clarity Boost

Next up, clarity boost is a mode designed to make gameplay in Xbox Cloud Gaming look sharper and clearer when using Edge. Likewise, efficiency mode, as the name suggests, keeps gaming performance up top by reducing browser resource usage when a PC game is launched.

Pretty neat.

These are the types of features and additions that all Windows 11 and Edge users are sure to appreciate. Some of these may be small improvements in the grand scheme of things. But they all add up, and ultimately make Windows the best platform for PC — and now cloud — gaming.

Excellent, excellent stuff.