Windows 11 Bug Bash kicks off this week


Gee, that was quick! Microsoft officially announced Windows 11 as the latest and greatest version of its flagship operating system last month. And this month, the company is already gearing up for a Bug Bash.

If you are unfamiliar with what this event entails, it is simply a way for the Windows development team to quash the bugs that Insiders find in the preview releases. A fun filled affair, the idea behind this is to find and report issues, provide the team with feedback, and earn achievements.

You know, the usual.

Microsoft, in an email sent to Insiders on June 30, confirmed the event:

Windows 11 Bug Bash

It’s on!

Obviously, to participate, you will need to be enrolled with the Windows Insider Program, and running the official preview version that Redmond recently released — that being build 22000.51. Eagle eyes are also recommended in order to catch any issues that you experience during your test drive.

And even though we still do not have any official dates on when everyone will get access to the final bits of the new operating system, we have seen signs that Microsoft is aiming for an October launch.

At least, for hardware manufacturers to load Windows 11 onto their new devices.

In that sense, a Bug Bush this early not only makes sense, but also lends credence to the fact that development of the new operating system is at a very advanced stage. As in, Windows 11 has already reached RTM status, and everything here on is refinement, bug fixes, and optimizations.

Quick, indeed!