Windows 11 build 22449 adds a new startup animation

Windows 11 Startup

The first Windows 11 build that is not a cumulative update for the OS? You bet! Microsoft has released Windows 11 build 22449 to Insiders in the Dev channel, marking the first major build bump.

As noted, this version is focused on bringing a bunch of UI improvements to the operating system.

Always welcome.

We have acrylic effects for notifications now, to go with easier access to Bluetooth settings from the Quick Settings panel. There is also an updated progress ring for the boot animation that replaces the animated circle of dots.

Loading Animation

Microsoft says that this new animation will replace the old elements in other areas of the OS as well.

On the topic of startup, the Windows sound will no longer play after an unattended update. That is to say when you are not at your PC and a scheduled update takes place. Which, I guess, is the right way to go about this.

There are also other user interface improvements and fixes in this build, little ones like an update to the dialog when closing Windows Sandbox so that it has rounded visuals.

Plenty of fixes have been made to the OS, many of which will find their way to the Beta channel users as part of the servicing updates. These users will likely only see minor improvements in the coming weeks as Microsoft gears up for the launch of Windows 11 later this year.

Redmond has also listed a bunch of known issues that you can scan at the link above.

As is common knowledge, the improvements that land in the Dev channel builds are not tied to any specific version of Windows, meaning these changes may actually appear in Windows 11 when the first update for it launches next year.