Windows 11 build 25115 arrival heralds the dawn of Sun Valley 3

Sun Valley

Brace yourself for greatness, ladies and gentlemen! The development of codename Sun Valley 3 of Windows 11 is officially underway, as a new preview version is here signaling the start.

The start of what will eventually become the version of the OS that graces PCs in the year 2023.

And while the upcoming version of the operating system is not too high on new features, there is talk that Microsoft will go all out for this release. At least, the promise is there from the company, and now we can see it in action.

Interestingly, this first build is not too high on new features — there is but one notable new addition.

But we know for a fact that this build will not be available for ARM64 PCs, and is actually not far off from what Windows Server vNext build 25110 is using for its kernel.

Additionally, the preview of the Sound Recorder app has been moved from the Beta channel to this build, indicating that this new feature will not be part of the upcoming Windows 11 22H2. Makes sense, when you think about it.

As for the new feature, Windows Insiders have one new thing to take for a test drive, and that new option goes by the name of Suggested Actions.

How it works is thus. On copying a phone number, Windows will pop up an inline light dismissible UI that suggests ways to call the given phone number using Teams or other installed applications that offer click-to-dial functions.

Build 25115 Suggested Actions Call

Likewise, on copying a date or time, Windows will pop up an inline light dismissible UI that suggests creating the event using supported calendar applications. When a user selects his or her preference, the app is launched with its corresponding calendar event page with auto filled date and time.

Build 25115 Suggested Actions Event

Nifty little feature, this, very welcome.

As for the rest, Microsoft updated the icons in the Windows Recovery Environment (WinRE) on this build. And then follow a whole bunch of fixes in this build, to go with a couple of known issues that testers need to be aware of before installing it.

The software titan also noted that the desktop watermark that we all known and love is back in the lower right corner of the screen, which is par for course for these prerelease builds.