Windows 11 build 25163 takes care of taskbar overflow


Glad to see that that’s sorted! After a double treat from Microsoft in the Beta channel, the company has shifted attention to the Dev channel of the Windows Insider Program.

And to that end, the software titan has flighted Windows 11 build 25163.

As you know well, this is from the Sun Valley 3 development branch of the operating system, also known as version 23H2, which will eventually become the version that is released in 2023. That is, obviously, unless Microsoft has a change of heart come next year.

Anyway, as the company notes, there is something fresh in this version of the preview.

Among the new additions, we have a feature called Taskbar Overflow, which as the name gives away, is here to deal with, well, taskbar overflow.

Build 25163 Taskbar Overflow

According to Microsoft, this newly designed experience has been thoughtfully crafted to offer you more productive switching and launching when space is constrained. Your taskbar will automatically transition to this new overflow state when it hits its maximum capacity.

And in this state, you will get an overflow menu that will allow you to view all your overflow apps in one convenient space. It contains many of the current taskbar behaviors that we are all familiar with, including supporting pinned apps, jump lists, and an extended UI.

After invoking overflow, the menu will quietly dismiss once you click outside of it or navigate to an application.

Alongside this surprising new addition, we have two additional features that were already part of one of the builds released in the Beta channel.

Build 22622.436 Nearby Share

First is improved nearby sharing whereby you will be able to discover and share to more devices including desktop PCs. This is thanks to the built-in Windows share window getting enhanced by using UDP along with Bluetooth to discover nearby devices.

Build 22622.436 Sharing OneDrive

Similar improvements also arrive when sharing a local file from the desktop whereby you can choose OneDrive as a target to directly upload the file to the cloud service and share it further along with access control options.

Pretty neatly implemented features, all three, and nicely thought out, it must be said.

Of course, this new build comes with the usual host of fixes and improvements to go with a few known issues that is the norm with these preview builds.

Details of all of which you can gather from the announcement post.