Windows 11 context menu refreshed with the Refresh option

Windows 11 Desktop Refresh

Well, that’s refreshing! Old habits die hard, and Microsoft knows it. This is why after removing the Refresh option where it is perhaps the most used, the company has brought it back.

The latest update released for the Windows 11 preview makes it easier to refresh the desktop.

Once again, that is.

Windows 11 comes with changes to almost all corners of the operating system. Some of these are surprising and unexpected. Case in point, the refresh option in the context menu that has been a staple for decades, went missing all of a sudden in the premiere preview build of the upcoming OS.

Windows 11 Context Menu Refresh

Insiders were surprised to see that the Refresh option was no longer there in the main context menu when right-clicking a folder or on the desktop.

The reason for this was because Microsoft had created a new “Show more options” section in the context menu that pointed you to the original context menu that is available on Windows 10. The idea being to keep the new design neat and clean.

Windows 11 Desktop Show More Options

But, as you can imagine, the Refresh option has long been considered a must-have for Windows users. In particular, power users that work on the OS all day long.

Of course, the F5 key still worked.

Requiring an extra click, an extra step for something so simple, is not something everyone is a fan of. Which is why the latest Windows 11 preview build fixes the whole deal, and brings the Refresh button back in the context menu when right-clicking a folder or the desktop.

Everything is back to normal here, and the menu itself now has that familiar look and feel.

Peace has, once again, returned to the world of Windows.