Windows 11 feature showcase: OOBE

Windows 11 Feature Showcase OOBE

While the installation and setup process of Windows 11 remains same and familiar, Microsoft has baked up a new OOBE for its new OS. We’ll be taking a look at this new out-of-the-box experience below.

The Windows 11 setup process carries forward the experience that has been in place since the days Windows 8, which was the first modern version of the operating system. This was further tweaked and optimized in the following iterations.

Microsoft enlisted the help of Cortana in Windows 10, before opting for a simpler implementation when the voice assistant fell out of favor with the user base.

And since the big deal with Windows 11 is the user interface and usage experience, the company has given the OOBE a redo with nice rounded corners and an off-white background that fits in with the Fluent Design philosophy that Microsoft is all about these days.

This is how it looks:

Gone are the harsh dark blues and blacks of Windows 8 and 10, replaced with vibrance. It also draws inspiration from nostalgia. The style is an homage to the experience included on the Windows 98 CD-ROM with its inviting shades of blue and clean, clear iconography.

Windows 98 CD

The process itself is a breeze — you simply punch in a few details, and you’re good to go.

Included are pretty much the same steps as Windows 10. You choose your country or region, keyboard layout and input method, the setup checks for any available updates, and then asks you how you want to set up your device.

Finally, you will be asked to enter your account details, or set up a local account, and after a few anxious minutes, the process will be complete, landing you on the desktop.