Windows 11 feature showcase: Window snapping

Windows 11 Feature Showcase Window Snapping

If you’ve followed along this showcase series, you may have noticed that there is a distinct lack of new features and options in Windows 11. So far, the story has been all about the UI touches and desktop improvements.

Hard to call this new addition a big new feature, but Windows 11 comes with an overhauled snap assist option that might look very familiar to PowerToys users.

It basically shows predefined snap options when you hover over on the maximize window control in the top right corner. This is a neat little trick that enhances the way you snap windows in the upcoming operating system.

This is how it functions:

Yeah, sure, windows snapping has been around for quite a while in Windows. And in most cases, it came down to simply dragging a window to a certain corner or side of the screen to snap it, and the OS did the rest — no fuss, no mess.

But in Windows 11, Microsoft has introduced a new way to do this using the maximize window button:


In other words, the maximize window button just got some superpowers that are activated by simply hovering over it in Windows 11. Four different options are then revealed letting you instantly snap the window when clicked.

Just a simpler, more streamlined way of doing things.

Better yet, this feature is not just limited to File Explorer, but extends to other applications as well. It entirely replaces the tooltip you get on the maximize button, but the button still operates fully as it did in prior versions of Windows.

Neat addition, this.