Windows 11 has a new trick to adjust volume

Volume Control

One of the most used features on any platform is volume control. The easier it is to manage audio levels on a device, the more pleasant the experience. And vice versa.

Microsoft is aware of this, and is working on ways to optimize this in its new operating system.

The company actually started working on new volume controls for Windows way back in 2018, but the redesign was delayed. As a result, the volume control and sound features of the newly launched OS have remained unchanged.

This rumored revamp is expected to arrive next year, but in the meantime, Redmond has rolled out a new trick to adjust volume in the OS.

A nifty new feature is actually rolling out with Windows 11 build 22478 in the Dev channel that allows you to change the volume using your mouse or touchpad. This is a radically simple implementation, and makes one wonder why something like this was not added from the get go.

See it in action in this GIF:

Windows 11 Volume Control

Simply scrolling over the volume icon lets you change the volume levels of your headphones or speakers, and the whole process is as simple as it can be. It also seems to work really well on devices with a touchpad, which makes this a great implementation.

Previously, as in Windows 10 and Windows 11 up to build 22000, you needed to click on the volume and adjust the level.

Good stuff, all round.