Windows 11 Patch Tuesday KB5013943 causing mayhem

Angry Laptop User

Don’t you just love it when things go this wrong! A bad egg here and there is pretty much the expected norm when it comes to Windows updates that leave Redmond walls every month.

After all, it is impossible to test against all possible scenarios before release of these patches.

But the latest Windows 11 21H2 Patch Tuesday update for the month of May that arrived as KB5013943 last night is causing issues for a lot of users. And not just a single issue, but a slew of them like buggy Teams and Discord apps, black screens, and good old BSODs.

The update is definitely buggy, and it is believed that the cause of this mayhem may be related to the removal of the .NET Framework 3.5.

As a result, some users are reporting that reinstalling .NET components resolve the issues that they were having. Apparently, the solution is to reinstall the platform manually — this essentially means that this workaround may not work for everyone.

For these users, rolling back the update may be the only other option.

KB5013943 Feedback Hub Issues

Oh, and in case you are wondering about the mayhem this particular update is causing, the screenshot above collects the reports on the Feedback Hub.

Users reporting all kinds of problems, including issues related to Phone Link, random black screen, those dreaded Blue Screens of Death, and more. Error messages are thrown around when trying to start applications like Discord, Capture One Pro, Garmin Express, MusicBee, and whatnot.

Hopefully, Microsoft is in on this quick and gets to the bottom of what exactly went wrong with this notorious little update.