Windows 11 release date announcement coming soon?

Windows 11 Time

Lay some mustard on me, baby! Word on the street is that Microsoft will soon announce the release date and rollout plans for Windows 11, possibly within the next week or two.

The company is yet to talk about these in detail in any capacity, other than the vague Holiday 2021 timeframe floated by officials. An October release date, however, has been suggested by leaked documents and even partners have hinted at such.

Redmond also had given hardware makers a late September deadline to get their drivers prepared and updated submitted for the initial release of the operating system.

And now, we are hearing that the software titan is ready to make an announcement:

Microsoft, it is said, is currently planning to release Windows 11 in the third or fourth week of October, with hints that an October 19 release date has been penciled in.

The company also plans to sign off on the final RTM build sometimes in mid-September, which is probably when we will also learn about the updated CPU requirements of the new operating system as well — a point of heated debate in the community.

Worth noting that October will not see a widespread rollout, far from it.

Only selected devices will receive the update, which itself will be a staged and staggered affair.

The company might even ask interested users to download Windows 11 manually using tools and media images and install it that way before it automatically reaches their devices, as has been the case in the past with previous Windows releases.

In this sense, the wider rollout is only expected in early 2022.

But we should have official details soon.