Windows 11 screenshots leak online

Windows 11 Teaser

By the beard of Zeus! Images claiming to be Windows 11 screenshots have just leaked online, and they appear to show the new OS that Microsoft is working on in all its early glory.

The leak comes via a Baidu post, and while there are only two images without any accompanying information, the post title makes it clear that these are from the beta version of Windows 11 that provides our first look at this new operating system.

And as some of you may have expected, the screenshots look a lot like Windows 10X.

Although the familiar look and feel of Windows 10 remains, there are a few key differences beyond just cosmetic changes. For starters, this new OS comes with an app drawer instead of a Start Menu, and the user interface as a whole has a rounded feel to it.

Windows 11 Leaked Screenshot

Icons are refreshingly different, as well.

Beyond that, the Settings screen looks identical to what we are accustomed to on the current, mainline version of the operating system. This should come as no surprise, as it’s not like Microsoft has built up everything from grounds up.

Windows 11 Leaked Screenshot

Certain areas of the new OS will retain their look and feel for now.

Supposedly, the view we are getting is from Windows 11 Pro build 21996.1, which could mean anything at this time. But at least, we have an unofficial confirmation that Microsoft will be calling it Windows 11.

Microsoft is set to announce this new version of the operating system at an event on June 24, meaning we have only 9 days to catch our glimpses of Windows 11 before things go official. We’ll have a better idea about how accurate and updated these leaks are after the presentation.

What do you think of these two screens?