Windows 11 Task Manager couldn’t be more modern than this

Task Manager Concet

Microsoft is on an epic quest. A quest to refresh pretty much all key areas of the Windows 11 operating system, from the UI to the included apps. And it has been making steady progress on this.

The inbox apps, in particular, are the focus right now.

However, the Task Manager is one feature that is not getting as much love as others in the upcoming OS. It continues to be mostly the same as in Windows 10. This is not exactly a surprise as this is a system applet that is often called in time of crises.

And the last thing you want are confused users while their system is behaving wildly.

Still, since this new version of Windows is getting a new look on almost every wall, one would expect the Task Manager to also be redesigned to better align with the rest of the operating system. Even as Microsoft is extra cautious in bringing wholesale changes to this critical component.

Speaking of wholesale changes, a Reddit user is not afraid of this, and has come up with their very own approach that reimagines this important feature of the operating platform.


This concept gives the Task Manager a facelift that is wholly inspired by Windows 11.

The initial version of this design was met with thoughtful applause, but most users noted that the first screen did not make much sense. That’s because the original design was less focused on usability, more on organization.

But a subsequent redesign, which you see above, takes care of this issue with the tabs, and gets you straight to the key elements like running processes and system resources.

The designer has also posted this concept as a suggestion in the Feedback Hub so that the Windows development team can take a look. And, perhaps, implement some or all of the ideas laid out in this excellent little concept design.

Hard to see Microsoft giving the Task Manager such a dramatic facelift right off the bat, but you never know with these things.