Windows 11 Task Manager getting new features

Task Manager

Two new features, as a matter of pure fact. The Task Manager is one component in Windows 11 that has not received much love during this initial development phase of the new operating system.


Why redo a crucial component like this, when everything is working as intended?

But that does not mean that Microsoft has forgotten altogether about this. While a dark theme or a completely modern look would be very much welcome by users, what we are getting right now are a couple of small new additions.

And they are Microsoft Edge integration and Eco Mode.

The first of this is actually now rolling out to devices running Windows 11 build 22000.282, while the latter feature is expected to arrive either later this year or early next.

Speaking of the former, the Task Manager has gained capabilities to better manage resources used by Edge to ensure that the web browser does not reduce the performance of your machine.

Task Manager Improvements

Managing a browser using the Task Manager is usually a frustrating experience, and Redmond now wants to change it.

Edge 94 comes with several improvements in this regard to better represent the browser processes. Currently, the Task Manager simply lists the processes using the generic name of “Microsoft Edge”, and it is impossible to close tabs or extensions here.

Thanks to this new update, the Task Manager can now display a detailed view of the browser processes.

As for the Eco Mode, this feature will let you take action against resource intensive apps that are running on your system. Turning this mode on for an application will have Windows 11 reduce the priority to low, allowing other programs to get priority for system resources.

This feature, as mentioned above, is in development, and set for debut later this year or in early 2022.