Windows 11 testers still stuck in the Dev channel


Pesky little bug running the fun for everyone! Microsoft may be recommending Windows 11 testers to switch to the Beta channel of the Insider program, but the switch itself has turned out to be quite hard.

In fact, some users are pretty much stuck in the Dev channel due to the presence of a bug.

The company most recently warned users that buggier Windows 11 builds are on the horizon, and unless Insiders were okay dealing with these problems that may arise, they should go back to the safety of the Beta channel.

This is what the software titan said:

“Based on our data, you have a PC that is currently configured for flighting Windows 11 Insider Preview Builds in the Dev Channel. We will soon be flighting early development builds in the Dev channel. These builds may be less stable and won’t align with the version of Windows 11 expected to be available to the general public later this year.

If you would like to experience more reliable Windows 11 Insider Preview builds tied to the upcoming release, please move your device to the Beta Channel.”

But as reported, making the switch from the Dev channel to the more stable Beta one is no longer possible for these users as the Beta ring is simply greyed out in the Settings screen.

Beta Channel Bug

This is something that has been going in for quite a while, with Microsoft well aware of this issue. As a matter of pure fact, just earlier this month, the company posted a workaround for the disappearing Beta channel on these test systems.

However, while fixing the whole deal is possible with a registry hack, not everyone is able to figure out how to do that, and for some users it may not even work.

With news that the upcoming OS is about to hit RTM status soon, testing is certainly about to pick pace in the coming weeks and months.

A patch to right this wrong would be very much welcome for folks that want to scale things back.