New renders show what the big deal is with the Surface Duo 2

Surface Duo 2 Render

Microsoft is getting ready to launch the Surface Duo 2 later this year, with folks in on the matter claiming that the unveiling is likely to take place at a special event this fall.

And in proverbial Microsoft fashion, the company is completely mum on what the deal with this new Android powered handset is.

Good thing then, that we have had an array of leaks surface (pun always intended) that highlight what the big deal is with this second-generation handset. We have an inkling of the hardware specifications thanks to benchmarks, and a look at the triple camera setup of the Duo 2 via renders.

Speaking of renders, some new ones have just floated up.

Based on the leaks, Concept Creator has designed some new 3D renders that envision the upcoming Surface Duo 2 and the series of improvements that may or may not happen for it.

Take a look:

These new digital designs look absolutely stunning in their execution, and do a neat job of showing off the stellar hardware and the refined software that powers the Duo 2. They are also a great advertisement of the dual-screen form factor.

Hopefully, the handset is too, when it launches in a little while from now.

The original Surface Duo took a few big steps in the innovation department, but ultimately that model was let down by the hardware choices Microsoft made that belied its flagship status — an old processor, limited amounts of memory, and a lackluster camera are no way to go.

Fingers crossed that the successor arrives with a hardware overhaul that befits the original goal for Microsoft in pioneering a new category of devices.

Find out soon.