Video highlights Windows 11 widgets

Video Windows 11 Widgets

Time in the sun! Windows 11 is set to arrive with numerous new features, but the OS also comes with some smaller details that add to the experience. Details like widgets, which now have their very own corner.

As we found out, these are not those powerful little gadgets that users of the previous version of the operating system are accustomed to.

Can’t have everything now, can we?

Anyway, Microsoft has released a new video that showcases widgets in Windows 11. And it features employees sharing their favorite things about this feature, as well as which widget that they liked to use the most.

Watch the insider story below:

The video doesn’t reveal much that we don’t already know about this comeback addition to the platform. There are subtle details here, however, including information like how the weather widget will change color depending on the current temperature, and whatnot.

Another interesting little tidbit is that these Windows 11 widgets were designed with mobile users in mind, which starts to make sense when you take a look at how they work in the OS.

In many ways, this is simply the evolution of Live Tiles in the operating system.

Hopefully, Redmond has more to share regarding support for third-party widgets in Windows 11, as this is an element that will make or break the uptick of these little applets.